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Smbclient execute command

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Smbclient execute command

I've found that using the smbclient command works. I can do [code] smbclient // -U myuser [/code] Then at the smbclient prompt, I can do: [code] put foo [/code] I can then edit the file, and then run the put command again and it overwrites it as expected. So am I missing some option when I mount as cifs?Description of the some of the smbclient commands: get <remote file name > [local file name ] Copy the file called 'remote file name' from the share/server to the machine running the smb client. If specified, name the local copy local file name. Note that all transfers in the smbclient are binary. put <local file name > [remote file name ]

CVE-2006-5925 : Links web browser 1.00pre12 and Elinks 0.9.2 with smbclient installed allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via shell metacharacters in an smb:// URI, as demonstrated by using PUT and GET statements.Mar 01, 2016 · 4. Extract the file contents of the downloaded smbclient and libncurses archives and copy them to C:\cygwin\bin (or your Cygwin \bin). Ignore the folder structures – only copy the files. 5. test smbclient.exe from a windows command prompt. The following appears if the executable runs: C:\cygwin\bin>smbclient.

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